New York State Pistol Permit Safety Course This course is essential in obtaining your New York State Pistol Permit. "Know the Rules." You will learn from certified and experienced Firearm Instructors, all having NRA certifications:

Learn the Basic Knowledge and Skills of Firearm Safety

Functionality of Common Firearms

Proper Gun Handling

Safe Firearm Storage and Cleaning of Firearms

An introduction to NYS Penal Law Art.35

The Administrative Process in Acquiring Your Pistol Permit

Each Candidates Receives:

Firearm Safety Student Manual

Certificate (must be part of your Pistol Permit Application)

Discounts on Products and Incident Defense Training Courses


Empower the Girls: Personal Safety Training 101 -  Personal Self Defense is a dynamic and interactive program designed for ALL women, with a particular focus on high school and college age girls. Parents and educators agree that there is nothing more important than preparing women with life skills that could save their lives or prevent them from becoming a victim. This 4-hour program is an excellent way to prepare you or someone you know with confidence-building, practical skills to raise awareness and avoid dangerous situations.

Strategies on "Personal" Safety™ (SOS) This 4-hour program is an in-depth introductory course stressing awareness, preparedness and prevention by empowering individuals with practical skills to avoid danger while learning strategies for managing physical conflicts or threats of violence.   In cooperation with SAM Training ( and Incident Defense, our dedicated team of law enforcement and safety trained professionals are committed to empowering individuals with personal safety tools to reduce their risk of becoming a victim. The program is fast-paced, interactive and easy to follow no matter age, size or ability.

Civilian Safety Awareness Program by Sabre® (CSAP) - CSAP will teach you how to avoid dangerous encounters. Unfortunately, all dangerous encounters cannot be avoided; so CSAP will also teach you:

  • Safety Awareness Tips                 
  • How to Carry and Properly Deploy Pepper Spray
  • Verbal Commands and Presence
  • Training Drills with Inert Training Sprays
  • Post Deployment Advice
  • Simple Self Defense Techniques

Become proficient and accurate when using your SABRE® pepper spray by deploying Water Filled, Inert Practice Sprays at Static Targets. Advance your skills by deploying the Practice Spray at your instructor during a simulated attack!  BE SMART - BE READY - BE SAFE!  Course length = 3 hrs. (includes training materials, practice sprays and a personal carry canister.)

Gun Camp - This 14 hour program is presented by a 30 year law enforcement veteran, SWAT operator, and certified firearms instructor. You will receive the latest information providing you with the skills and knowledge to be a responsible gun owner. Utilizing SIRT Training Guns provided by Incident Defense you will learn in a safe, comfortable training environment. Our SIRT guns save you the cost of ammunition and there is no need for hearing protection. You will have the opportunity to improve your skill level without having to go to the range.

Training topics include:

Static Training

Dynamic Training

Interactive Training


Basic Pistol Marksmanship


  • Universal Firearm Safety Rules
  • In the home
  • In public
  • Two handed
  • One handed
  • Off handed
  • Reloading
  • Malfunctions
  • Drawing from concealed holster
  •  Moving with gun in hand
  • Moving and shooting
  • Shooting and moving
  • Unconventional shooting positions

Responsible Use of Force

Advanced Marksmanship

Flashlight Tactics

  • What does the law say regarding using force including deadly force
  • Your after event actions
  • What do I say to the "audience"
  • Close quarter combat
  • Extended ranges
  • Combat reloading
  • Multiply targets
  • Selection of flashlights
  • Searching with a flashlight

Concealed Carry Option

Stress in Decision Shooting

  • Holsters
  • Retention
  • Clothing
  • Spare magazines
  • Increased heart beat
  • Shoot-don't shoot
  • Timed fire

NY "Safe Gun Act"

Weapon Retention

  • What does it mean to me?
  • What can I do
  • What to do if someone grabs your gun

Review topics related to Your Firearm


Defensive Pistol Course - This program is the next step needed for those advancing from the basic shooting skills. Defense is so much more than just shooting skills.  This class will cover the legalities, tactics and techniques needed do defend yourself and your family in a real life encounter.

Responsible Use of Force Class - As a responsible gun owner, what is your legal right to carry a firearm and use deadly force in New York State? This course in guided by the 2nd Amendment, New York State Penal Law and recent case law regarding just this subject. This course is conducted by attorneys and law enforcement instructors who are experienced in the fields of use of force and tactic. 

Concealed Carry -You will learn about concealment holster products, we will teach proper and effective concealment of your holster, clothing options and most important, proper techniques in the drawing or presentation of your firearm.  

Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®)  -MOAB® presents principles, techniques, and skills for recognizing, reducing, and managing violent and aggressive behavior. The program also provides humane and compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive people. Every technique - nonverbal, verbal, or physical - is based on a solid principle. MOAB® goes beyond the strategies for preventing and diffusing a crisis. It addresses the multitude of crises and stages of conflict. MOAB is the most innovative, comprehensive and effective course on managing conflict, anxiety and aggression for all industries. Conflict - Aggression - Confrontation - Anxiety - Violence. MOAB® goes beyond the strategies for preventing and diffusing a crisis. MOAB® technique is based on researched principles that can be effectively mastered by all in diverse situations.  

Student Anger Management (SAM®) - SAM is an in-depth program that teaches individuals how to recognize, reduce and manage aggressive and violent behavior within the school atmosphere. The SAM program will teach individuals the techniques to resolve conflicts decisively and diplomatically regardless of age, size or strength, providing valuable skills and strategies to prevent and diffuse aggressive behavior.


New college safety program offers personal safety alternative for every student, even those who lack the money, time, or right circumstances.

It's no secret that campuses are not safe havens. More than 10,000 students are victims of aggravated assault or robbery each year! In response, many schools are investing in technological innovations- like smart phone apps. As for more rudimentary personal safety options, colleges tend to rely on well-established tactics, such as self-defense or bystander intervention. While they substantially enhance student safety, they lack comprehensiveness and inclusivity. The new Sabre College Safety Program puts a twist on tried and true preventative tactics. Then, for the worst case scenarios, the course teaches effective personal protection skills that do not require judo chops or brave buddies- although, a friend who knows karate is nice to have around. The class is founded on the philosophy that the person who is habitually prepared to protect them self will probably never have to.

Many colleges are taking advantage of the ubiquity of smart phones, but the apps' effectiveness in safety is highly conditional. There are some admirably innovative solutions available, but what if the one time you forget your iPhone, is the one time you truly need it? What if the attacker's sole purpose is to steal it? Furthermore, until we figure out teleporting, police cannot arrive instantaneously, whereas attacks happen in mere seconds. Because high tech options are still viable, the Sabre College Safety Program integrates them within a more comprehensive safety plan, while addressing their limitations.

For a more communal approach, many colleges endorse bystander intervention, which is also very circumstantial. No doubt, innumerable students have averted potentially dangerous situations because an outsider stepped in. However, what if an endangered student lacks a brave comrade or assertive stranger when in critical need? Accordingly, the College Safety Program stresses the importance of looking out for one another as well as provides alternative strategies that are applicable to a broader range of scenarios.

Similarly, self-defense training provides worthwhile protection techniques, but comes with constraints. Self-defense requires long-term commitment to develop the heart of a warrior against a threatening man built like a brick wall. Therefore, the College Safety class teaches some basic self-defense moves as well as proper use of personal safety spray, which can debilitate the baddest man with a flick of the thumb from three yards away for the price of a meal (unless you eat ramen for dinner).

Ultimately, the Sabre College Safety Program teaches students how to: deter personal threats, identify potentially dangerous situations, adopt the Sabre Mindset, and Multiply Your Force - including protecting yourself at a safe distance and escaping an attacker.

Incident Defense, LLC instructors have been certified for the Sabre College Safety Program by Security Equipment Corporation (SEC). Industry leader SEC has manufactured SABRE personal safety spray since 1975. In 2008, SEC collaborated with law enforcement officers and safety experts to develop the Personal Safety Academy comprising of the Civilian Safety Awareness Program and now the College Safety Program. SEC makes a donation to RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network) for each student completing the Personal Safety Academy.

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